MolaPlus Pig Microbes

These are organic micro-organisms that enhance performance of farm animals. The same have been isolated to promote organic pig farming. MolaPlus Pig Microbes create complex or organic compounds by synthesis. They produce various materials such as anti-biotic substances, enzymes and lactic acids which suppress various diseases and promote chemical reaction in the pig’s gut and the environment. Without the enzymes the chemical reactions cannot take place so rapidly.

Just like IMO, MolaPlus Pig Microbes are sprinkled over the animal feacal matter and saw dust. The advantage of using MolaPlus Pig Microbes is that they are specific; they are known and a pig farmer can be sure s/he is not breeding harmful organisms together with beneficial organisms. When sprinkled on saw dust, the same become a source of carbohydrates. For the carbohydrates locked in the sawdust called cellulose are broken down. Without help monogastics, like pigs, have no enzyme that can break it down. MolaPlus Pig Microbes break down the cellulose locked up in the sawdust and avail nutrients to the animals so the animal will feed on the saw dust. When used like in the process of IMO, pigs can go ahead and feed on their feacal matter

The feacal matter of the pig are a rich source of protein not digested by the pigs. So microbes go ahead and break down the protein locked in the feacal matter and the animals goes back to feed on it.

You use MolaPlus Pig Microbes in the water the pigs drink. You can put in the tanks or reservoirs but ensure that the water does not have chlorine and silver sulphate that is usually used in the purification of water. You can mix your water in this manner:

1 Liter for every 1,000 liters of water. Dilute MolaPlus Pig Microbes in a tank and maintain such dilutions manually Let the pigs use that mixture throughout their production cycle.

You can also spray a mixture of MolaPlus Pig Microbes on their feeds as indicated on the pack. When you spray on the feeds, it will help to make the nutrients in the pig’s feed more available to the pigs and minimize wastage through dug You acquire efficient feed utilization that way. You take 1 litre and mix into 100 litres of water and spray onto the feeds.

However, we strongly recommend the following way of using MolaPlus Pig Microbes:

Take 1 litre of MolaPlus Pig Microbes and mix into 20 litres of clean no-chlorinate water then mix thoroughly. (see instructions on the pack) Ensure you attain about 30% moisture content. It should not be soggy and it should not be dry. You can pick some, squeeze in the hand and see whether you can see some very little water oozing through your fingers when you squeeze very hard to know your moisture content is right.

Then put in a plastic paper or drum, compress to remove as much air as possible and let it ferment for between 7 – 10 days. Close the drum tightly to ensure no air gets in.

By the 7th day, it shall smell very nicely.

Use the fermented feed as follows:

Week 1: Use 1%, mix it with your feed daily and feed your pigs. Week 2: Use 2% into your pigs feed daily. Week 3: Use 3% into your pigs feed daily.

Feeding pigs with upto 3% of the feed fermented using MolaPlus Pig Microbes has been shown to improve the performance of suckling pigs, weaner pigs and growing-finishing pigs. It has a number of benefits which include but are not limited to:

Reducing the pH in the stomach of pigs, thus prevents the proliferation of pathogens such as coliforms and Salmonella from developing in the gastrointestinal tract.

Suppresses offensive smell of manure Prevents flies in pen Reduces fatty layer under skin Produces robust pigs which do not need inoculation of antibiotics Improve the digestive system of the pigs Help pigs to attain Minimum weight 80 Kgs in 6 months An increase in nutrient digestibility Improved intestinal morphology A reduction in the content of various antinutritional factors in feeds Reduction in dust levels in swine barns. Eliminate the bad odor within the sty. Reduce the incidence of flies and other undesirable insect pests. Significantly better the health of the animals. Reduce the requirements of regular medication, antibiotics and disinfectants. Reduce the stress factors of the animals thereby strengthening the immunological system against diseases. Reduce the incidence of diarrhea.

When used with feed it improves the digestibility of the animals and consequently better the feed conversion rate and hence an improved growth rate and weight of the animals.

Reduce the production of methane gas in the intestine of the pigs and hence improve the feeding habit of the animals. Improve microbiologically the quality of the water by its enrichment with beneficial substances such as amino acids, vitamins and enzymes that better the digestibility and nutrient assimilation of the animals.

Reduce the mortality indices.

MolaPlus Pig Microbes offers a cost effective alternative to the use of antibiotic growth promoters.

By means of spraying or fermentation of the different feed components offered to the pigs, it is possible to make available the nutrients from the feed and hence more efficient use of such by the pigs. Offering daily to the pigs a portion of the fermented feed in the ration will better substantially the productive indices of the pig farm.