MolaPlus Livestock Microbes

How to use

i) Predigesting Dairy Meal Since dairy meal is made from the harder, outer parts of grains, it is recomended that you pre-digest it before feeding to minimize losing nutrients in it through cow dung. Please note that for nutrients extraction to be maximized, fermentation has to take place first. MolaPlus Microbes speeds up the process of fermentation.Take 200m1 (one glass) of MolaPlus Livestock Microbes, pour into three litres of clean water (preferably water without chlorine) mix well then add 4-5kg of Dairy meal, mix thoropughly then put into a tightly sealed bucket for 12-24 hrs. Upon opening it will be fermented. It should emit a very sweet ascent. Take half the content and feed the cow in the morning. The rest feed in the evening but leave about 1/2 -'/,kg in the container. Mix the 1/2 '/,kg with about 50m1 of microbes and 3 litres of water and 4 to 5 kg or more of dairy meal/maize germ/wheat brain etc and keep repeating the process.

ii) Treating and preserving Maize stovers: (Mafefe), Barley/Rice/Wheat straws

a) Chop the above into small pieces using a chopper

  1. Take llitre of MolaPlus Livestock Microbes
  2. Put the same in 20 litres of water
  3. Add 2 litres of Mollases
  4. Add 2 handful of some germ
  5. Mix them thoroughly
  6. Dip the chopped straws into the mixture, squeeze out excess liquid and put it into a silage bag, container or a pre-prepared silage like site.
  7. Cover it properly expelling as much air as possible.
  8. It will be as good (if not better) than silage by the fourth day.
  9. It can remain good for use even after several months
When added to the feeds given to the ruminants, they:
  1. Enhance feed utilization Increase protein synthesis
  2. Enhances the dugestive process of ruminants
  3. Improves ruminal stability
  4. Improves microbial activity, and Increases feed's palability.
As a result they:
  1. Increases milk production
  2. Enhance growth of all farm animals,
  3. Minimize feed wastage (they reduce the neutral detergent fibre in feeds)
  4. Reduces nutrients wastage through cow-dung
Due to the activities, they reduce cow-dung output by almost half-an indication that the feed the animal took has been utilized effectively

MolaPlus livestock Microbes (for Ruminants) is a suspension containing:

  • Oraganic Acids
  • Lactic Bacteria
  • Beneficial yeast
  • Phototropic bacteria

The above help to chelate Minerals, secrete anti-oxidants, enzymes and vitamins and make more nutrients available to cattle from the feed.